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MAICS is organizing a media contest and recruiting new members for 2017-2018!

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As the end of the year is approaching, the AICS Media Team is looking for new participants for next year. We have decided to take this opportunity for more student involvement, and are now organizing a video and photography contest, where any Secondary Student can showcase something they are proud of.
If you want to sign up, you don’t have to make an entirely new project. As long as it’s yours, an older video or photo edit that you’re proud of is perfectly acceptable!
There’s more: if you’re currently an MYP4 or 5 student who is interested in learning media skills, undertaking creative media projects, and working with the student community to produce interesting content about both AICS and issues beyond the school, you’re in luck! If you apply for this contest, you can also sign up to join the AICS Media Team for next year. As MAICS will be able to see the kind of projects you do, you can use this contest to show what you can bring to the team.
If you want to sign up for the contest and submit some work of your own, you can fill in this form before the 8th of July:

The ultimate tool – Duct tape.


This is my duct tape. I carry it around with me wherever I go. I use it for almost everything from day to day. Duct tapes are well known for fixing broken or torn things and having a very strong durability at the same time. Literally, you can think of repairing anything with duct tapes.


Now, if you try to think about the things you can do beyond just repairing things with duct tapes, the possibilities are endless…. I find this simple tool extremely useful in lots of situations, and here are some of my examples:

1.) Wrapping around a mouth mount.


Since I often film a lot of action videos, I tend to put my camera into my mouth to get a realistic first person POV shot. However, biting down on the hard piece of plastic can be dangerous for your teeth and your jaws will cramp over time. The solution to that is to get some duct tape, and roll around that biting piece until the layers of duct tape starts to get thick. That way you can have some cushioning on your teeth and not worry about breaking them. Even a lot of professional surfing, skateboarding athletes (and others) recommend using the duct tape for the mouth mount. Beware that you are still putting something in your mouth, so be careful with whatever you’re doing.

*Quick fact: Duct tapes were first made and used for military needs in order to keep firearm magazines moisturized. Then they were used again to save the Apollo 13. That is convincing enough for me.

2.) Emergency bandages


Got an open wound on your leg? Got no bandages? In this case, duct tape might be able to help out a bit. This may sound unrealistic, but knowing that duct tapes were made for the military and patching up a space ship, the amount of pressure applied to the skin is actually strong enough for the tape to temporarily close up an open wound ( I do not recommend testing it out, but if you’re out of options in a very urgent matter then duct tapes will come in handy).

3.) A compact packing kit

FullSizeRender 2

Need more space in your luggage? No problem. Take two or three items, strap them up tight together with duct tapes, then you’ll end up having more space to put whatever you have to. If the luggage starts to look like it’s going to blow up then put some tape around the luggage itself.


There are probably way more things you can do with duct tapes as long as you use your imagination. A purse, a ball, a watch,…….

The Seatless Pain


The request for the production of this video was voted by countless MYP5 students and even teachers.

The aula, which is now completely taken over by the MYP1s and MYP2s, is getting more and more crowded, with no other space left for the MYP5 students to eat.

The quiet study areas? NO EATING.

Word Cafe? DPs ONLY.

Recently, the linking space between the aula and the library has been converted into a new “Quiet study area” only for MYP1 students when the MYP5 students requested for more space! We understand that other students have the need of using spaces for studies, but looking at our current situation now, is there even a balance?